Resources for policymakers

We translate our research into resources that provide evidence on young children’s use of digital technologies.

Informing policy by providing evidence-based advice

The Digital Child comprises almost 200 researchers across six Australian universities, 14 international universities, and over 20 partners including The Smith Family, Early Childhood Australia, the Office of the e-Safety Commissioner, and Google.

We deliver evidence-based research on the impacts of digital technologies on children’s development, learning, and well-being. We aim to enhance public understanding, inform policy, and provide guidance for families, educators, and technology creators with the goal of supporting children to be confident growing up in a rapidly changing digital world.

Principles for a Better Children’s Internet

The Internet has enhanced children’s lives in many ways. Online experiences, however, are not always well designed, well regulated, or good for children. The principles outlined in this document provide clear guidance on how to create a better Children’s Internet.


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