Resources for parents and carers 

Resources that support parents and carers of young children growing up in a rapidly changing digital age.

Research-based guidance for families with young children

The Digital Child comprises almost 200 researchers across six Australian universities, 14 international universities, and over 20 partners, including the Australian eSafety Commissioner and The Smith Family.

Our research is designed to help answer important questions for Australians who look out for the health, education and happiness of young children. Our work will inform publicly available, evidence-based guidance for parents and carers.

Creating a positive and safe gaming environment

Video games and children – A guide for parents

UNICEF Parenting spoke with to video games expert Professor Daniel Johnson to help parents navigate the tricky topic of video games with their children.

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Growing up in a digital age

We are running a nation-wide study on children’s use of digital technologies.

The first wave of data collection for ACODA has now closed. Stay tuned for data snapshots and other study outputs!

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We host events for children and families in our Children’s Technology Spaces. Keep an eye out for events in your local area via our events page.

Children’s views on digital safety and citizenship

In this report children speak for themselves using illustrations. The last page of the report also featured a Chatterbox-style game that can help you explore the outcomes of the project.

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