About the Digital Child

We are the world’s first research centre dedicated to creating positive digital childhoods for all Australian children.


Supporting children growing up in a digital world

Children are growing, learning, and connecting with digital technologies, with a range of shared understandings about the impacts of digital technologies – including positive outcomes as well as risks and harms. This evidence gap – coupled with fears and concerns around digital technology – can result in missed opportunities to fully leverage digital technologies in ways that help children flourish.

Research at the Digital Child is driven by a shared vision for all Australian children to be healthy, educated, and connected in a digital world. This vision guides our focus on creating positive and safe digital experiences for children from birth.

Our research will help answer important questions for Australians who look out for the health, education and happiness of young children.

Our funding

We are funded by the Australian Government through the Australian Research Council, in addition to monetary and in-kind contributions from our partners.