Principles for a Better Children’s Internet

A Digital Child report

The principles outlined in this document provide clear guidance on how to create a better Children’s Internet.

The Internet has enhanced children’s lives in many ways and we recognise that it will continue to play an important role as they move through childhood, into their teen years and adulthood.

Online experiences will be central to how they learn, the careers they undertake, and how they experience everyday life throughout the 21st century. Online experiences, however, are not always well designed, well regulated, or good for children. They are sometimes exploitative, risky, and problematic; the Internet was not created with children’s interests and needs in mind.

The Children’s Internet is an idea that can be used by industry, government, educators, parents and carers, and various stakeholders to reflect on how digital products, services, and content are thought about, made available, designed, sold, regulated, managed, used, and invite children to participate online.

Date published: 3 July 2024


Suggested citation: Dezuanni, M., Hourigan, A., & Rodriguez, A. (2024). Principles for a better Children’s Internet. Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child, Queensland University of Technology.


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