• Professor Lisa Kervin
  • Educated Co-Lead and Chief Investigator
  • University of Wollongong

Professor Lisa Kervin is a researcher in literacy education. Lisa has been researching in literacy education, play and digital technologies using qualitative and mixed methods for over 20 years.  As Co-Leader of the Educated Child program and academic lead of the UOW Children’s Technology Play Space, Lisa guides how technologies may be used to support and promote meaningful childhood experiences.

Lisa is Director of Research for Early Start, a UOW Entity. Lisa brings to the Centre experience as Chief Investigator on seven ARC Discovery Projects involving children and digital technologies, including a project on adult-child interactions during digital experiences and how tablet technologies develop young children’s imaginative play. Lisa has researched her own teaching and has collaborative research partnerships with industry, educators and learners across a range of settings. She has published over 70 papers in peer reviewed journals and 40 book chapters in areas of education, social sciences and technology. In 2016 she received the Australian Literacy Educator’s Association medal for services to literacy locally, nationally and internationally and Australia Day 2022 was awarded an Innovation Achievement Award.

Earliest digital memory
The excitement of using Unix to send email in my first year of uni to a friend in another state – the speed and ease of communication!