• Nhi Pham
  • Digital Communications Specialist (Alum)
  • QUT

Nhi brings to the Centre more than 14 years’ experience in marketing and communications across the university sector, creative industries and local and state government. As the Centre’s Digital Communications Specialist, Nhi is responsible for communicating the Centre’s work and research to those who look out for the health and happiness of young children, including parents and caregivers; teachers and educators; government and policy makers; and community and business organisations. She achieves this through creating and delivering the Centre’s digital and print communication, including the Centre’s website, social media, news and media, and branding.

Nhi hopes that her work will generate positive and productive conversations about children’s use of digital technologies, and encourage people to seek evidence-based guidance on how to best support children as their digital lives evolve.

Earliest digital memory
Playing endless hours of Rayman on the PC and chatting with friends on ICQ (uh-oh!).