• Kari Sutton
  • PhD student
  • QUT

Kari’s PhD research focuses on exploring how parents of 4-8-year olds are supporting their children to safely navigate the online environment and build digital resilience. One of the central aims of Kari’s study is to understand how parents help their young children navigate the online environment, where they gain this knowledge from and how they can be supported to help their children build digital resilience. Kari hopes her research and work in the Centre will contribute to practical interventions that can support and empower parents to provide their children with the skills they need to safely navigate the digital world.

Co- Supervisors

Professor Susan Danby Professor Kerryann Walsh

Earliest digital memory

Using an Apple Mac to do my assignments in high school and Uni, being incredibly grateful that I didn’t have to hand write assignments anymore and loving that it had a smiley face when it booted up.