• Dr Janelle MacKenzie
  • Research Fellow
  • QUT

Janelle is particularly interested in exploring the impact of videogames on children, including research on how to harness game experiences that provide opportunities for enhancing wellbeing, as well as identifying methods to minimize negative videogame experiences. Janelle’s vision for the future is that children and their caregivers feel empowered to make informed decisions about children’s digital technology use within the whole context of the child’s life.

As a Research Fellow, Janelle will contribute to the Healthy Child program by investigating the different ways that videogames are incorporated into children’s lives, as well as examining the associations between children’s digital technology use and their sleep. She intends to contribute to the understanding of how children’s digital technology use fits into the broader context of how children spend their time.

Earliest digital memory
Visiting my dad’s office and teaching myself how to play Minesweeper – many bombs were accidentally detonated.