• Dr Cassandra Pattinson
  • Research Fellow
  • University of Queensland

Dr Cassandra Pattinson completed her PhD at QUT investigating the effect of sleep and light exposure on young children’s health and development. She has direct experience in the day-to-day conduct of longitudinal trials with Australian families, including recruitment, retention, assessments, and analyses associated with the E4Kids study, and in similar studies involving young children. She was also the lead for the design and costing for a future national longitudinal study of the mental health and wellbeing of Australian children and young people for the Australian Government Department of Health in 2021. She has international experience as a Fellow at the National Institutes for Health in Washington, and strong subjective and objective measurement experience. Her primary research interests are to understand the role of sleep and circadian systems on health and wellbeing, in particular for children and young people. 

Cassandra hopes that her work will increase understanding of the interactions between sleep, circadian rhythms, health, wellbeing, and digital technology. She would like to support educators, health practitioners, and parents/carers to use digital technologies to support optimal child health, development, and wellbeing.

Earliest digital memory
The excitement of playing Captain Comic on our first home computer.