• Associate Professor Diana Arabiat
  • Associate Investigator
  • Edith Cowan University

Associate Professor Diana Arabiat’s research focuses on understanding the child and family experience of chronic illness and factors impacting child’s health and early development. Diana’s work seeks to explore ways in which interactive digital technologies impacts children’s development and wellbeing. She has expertise in conducting systematic reviews and meta-analysis and works with children and their families. Diana will contribute to the Healthy Child program, where she hopes to contribute to understanding in how digital technologies impact on children’s development and to identify methods to control the risks that may be associated with the digital technology use.

Diana was appointed as an Associate Professor of Clinical Research at Edith Cowan University in 2015. She has been a nurse most of her career and has held research positions in several countries including UK, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Australia. She is an active member of the ORIGINS birth cohort study in Western Australia, the International Network of Child and Family Centered Care, as well as The International Family Nursing association.

Earliest digital memory
Playing games on my first mobile phone and learning how to write text messages.