• Chimi Om
  • PhD student
  • QUT

Chimi Om’s PhD project aims to understand how digital technology orients children toward both indoor and outdoor play. Through ethnographic and co-design research with children, Chimi hopes to develop a framework of understanding of orientation to outdoor play and co-design tools to expand children’s nature engagement and participation in e-science. Her project expands on her Master of Philosophy thesis, which explored how children experience nature, and reflected on how new forms of interactive technology can be used as vehicle to support nature engagement and to enhance long-term stewardship towards natural environment. Chimi hopes to explore the potential of emerging and future technologies to support, educate and promote children’s development through healthy play habits.

Chimi’s paper, Design Opportunities to Enhance Children’s Engagement with Nature in Bhutan: A Working Field Theory, was presented at the 2021 Australian Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (OzCHI).

Earliest digital memory
Secretly hiding and using a friend’s monochrome Nokia phone in boarding school where mobile phones were not at all allowed within school campus.