• Dr Troy Meston
  • Associate Investigator
  • Griffith University

Troy Meston is an Indigenous Studies lecturer researching across the Schools of Education and Humanities at Griffith University. Troy is a Gamilleroi man (N.W. New South Wales) and will bring to the Centre extensive national research and industry experience, including work with peak agencies such as the Australian Sports Commission, the Australian Institute of Sport and the Australian Council for Educational Research. Troy’s research seeks to contribute to knowledge which better enhances the social-justice impact of emerging technologies for disenfranchised children and communities, particularly through education. Troy hopes our children of tomorrow can utilise technology to better know each other and to search for solutions to the pressing challenges of climate change and on-going exploitation of the most vulnerable.

Currently, Troy is CI of Deadly Gaming (Education QLD Horizon project, 2018-2021), which explores the use of gaming devices as tools to support Indigenous literacy and numeracy engagement. He is the Pedagogy Leader of Digitising the Deep Past: Machine Learning, Rock Art and Indigenous Engagements with 21st century Technology (Griffith Spotlight project, 2021-2023) and is leading a team developing an Indigenous digital skills industry pathway for senior learners (2021-2022). Troy was the inaugural recipient of the Advance QLD Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander grant for innovation, where his research explored the creation of Indigenous-specific digital assessment tools built from intersections drawn from Indigenous culture, technology and neuroscience (2016-2019).

Earliest digital memory
Watching Star Wars on my nana’s colour TV, as we didn’t have one in our house. From that day forward I always wanted a light sabre!