• Tammy White
  • PhD student
  • QUT

Tammy White’s PhD research considers how digital media literacy pedagogy is approached during early childhood education. Specifically, she is interested in understanding the links between digital device usage and the development of critical media literacies that enable young children to successfully navigate diverse media landscapes. Tammy hopes to help establish baseline assumptions about the development of these literacies in young children, and provide parents, educators and policy-makers with more concrete guidance in considering the role of digital media literacy pedagogy during early childhood education.

Tammy brings her experience as a media producer/director, tertiary and professional development educator, and high school classroom teacher, to her PhD studies.

Professor Michael Dezuanni

Earliest digital memory
The first time I remember seeing a computer was as a child in the late 1980s. Dad had been given an early model desktop computer so he could work from home. My brothers and I fondly remember the excitement of being allowed to play computer games.