• Professor Susan Edwards
  • Associate Investigator
  • Australian Catholic University

Professor Susan Edwards is an expert in digital play and cyber-safety education in the early years. Her work in the Centre will focus on the role and use of digital play in early childhood education settings, with the aim to generate new insights and pedagogical examples to support educators in providing digital play opportunities for young children. Her hope is that all children will have access to safe and well-designed digital opportunities for play, learning, socialisation and civic participation.

Susan is currently leading an ARC Linkage Scheme project to develop an online tool that will enable families and educators to share best practices in digital technology use with, by and for young children. As Co-Chair of the Early Childhood Australia (ECA) Digital Policy Group, she helped lead publication of the ECA Statement on Young Children and Digital Technologies. Susan is Director of the Early Childhood Futures research program in the Institute for Learning Sciences and Teacher Education, Australian Catholic University.

Earliest digital memory
Getting my first mobile phone and learning how to text instead of call people, which shaped my expectations of communication with an increased sense of immediacy.