• Associate Professor Susan Blackley
  • Associate Investigator
  • Curtin University

Associate Professor Susan Blackley is a specialist teacher and scholar in mathematics education and professional studies. Susan’s research covers digital pedagogies, teacher identity, digital portfolios, and STEM education. At the Centre, Susan will work in conjunction with SciTech, with the aim to help garner and disseminate a better understanding of the impact of everyday digital technology use on families. Susan hopes children will be able to make judicious choices of when and how they access digital technologies, while staying in tune with the natural world.

Susan is an active member of Australia’s STEM community, with leadership roles that include  inaugural Convenor of the AARE STEM Education Special Interest Group, and inaugural Chair of the HERDSA STEM Education Special Interest Group. Susan was awarded a Curtin Academy Fellowship in 2019, a Senior HEA Fellowship in 2018 and the award of  a HERDSA Fellowship in 2015. She maintains a strong program of collaborative educational research, resulting in publications in high-quality journals.

Earliest digital memory
In Year 12, I was able to finally access a 4-function calculator. This made me realise that much of the mathematics we had been taught up to that point was merely computational. The availability of a calculator allowed us to focus on solving problems.