• Dr Sarah Healy
  • Research Fellow (Alum)
  • Deakin University

Dr Sarah Healy’s research focusses on affect theory and learning environments, characterised by innovating methodology, sophisticated use of theory, and creative use of digital methods. Sarah’s thesis was awarded the 2019 PhD to Publication Postdoctoral Award by The University of Melbourne’s Melbourne Educational Research Institute (MERI). Her ability to write for publication is coupled with recognition of her expertise in creative methodologies and pedagogies which she translates into the design of artful and collaborative digital learning experiences that fold into the analogue world (Healing through Visual Arts and Education webinar series 2021 – InSEA Southeast Asia and Pacific Region).

As a Research Fellow, Sarah will contribute to research in the Educated Child program, where she hopes to add nuance and complexity to understandings of how children learn through digital play and contribute to knowledge about how to create the conditions for optimal digital childhoods. Sarah envisions a future of digital childhoods that are less fraught and more integrated with everyday creativities. She would like to see the analogue woven into the digital in a way that transforms the way children experience digital technologies in all sorts of educative settings.

Earliest digital memory
A new colour TV arriving. There was no remote control, just a dial that required surprising strength to turn and change the channel. It was a wonderful box of sound, colour and entertainment that soon made both the back and white TV and baby-sitters obsolete.