• Sandra Backstrom
  • Business Support Officer
  • QUT

Sandra Backstrom has a background in health and education, with a strong track record in supporting operations and administration for research, projects and events. As QUT Node Administrator, Sandra is the core support for the Centre’s students, investigators and Business Operations team at QUT, providing day-to-day support to ensure research operations are undertaken efficiently and effectively.

Sandra’s career has been underpinned by a passion to advance of education and knowledge. She has previously held positions at UQ in the Faculty of Medicine and in QUT’s Faculty of Business, International College and most recently at the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Robotic Vision. Sandra was also an Athlete Education Coordinator at Tennis Australia for 12 years and is currently studying a Master of Education at QUT specialising in Teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL). Sandra hopes that digital children of the future learn to utilise technology in a way that positively influences their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Earliest digital memory
Fighting my brothers for 20 cent pieces to play the local Space Invader machine (which I may or may not have become slightly addicted to ?).