• Salma Alruthaya
  • PhD student
  • University of Wollongong

Salma Alruthaya’s project uses a mixed-method approach, incorporating eye movement and miscue analysis, to explore how less proficient readers utilize visual information across different types of text, including both print and digital formats, in order to construct meaning. The main focus of Salma’s research is to examine the complexity guides of traditional texts and assess whether they adequately cover the potential complexity found in both print and digital texts. Salma aims to achieve a comprehensive understanding of how less proficient readers interact with literacy texts that combine various elements, and highlight the implications for reading practice. Through her research, Salma hopes to shed light on the implications for reading practice, taking into consideration the characteristics of both texts and learners

Cross nodal co-supervisors
Dr Jessica Mantei (UOW), Professor Lisa Kervin (UOW), Associate Professor Sonia White (QUT)

Earliest digital memory
Designing border lines for my mum’s worksheets in Microsoft Word.