• Dr Sally Staton
  • Chief Investigator (Alum)
  • University of Queensland

Dr Sally Staton’s research focuses on the role of early education and care settings in supporting young children’s social-emotional, cognitive and physical development. As Chief Investigator in the Healthy and Educated Child programs and contributor to the Longitudinal Family Study, Sally will focus on the relationship between digital technologies and children’s 24-hour sleep, care practices and family environments. Sally hopes that her work in the Center will help inform and ensure positive early life experiences for all children.

Sally is currently lead researcher on an ARC Discovery longitudinal study to advance understanding of children’s sleep, how sleep impacts their learning, behaviour and health, and provide evidence-based knowledge for professionals in early childhood education and care. Her research and professional development resources for the early childhood sector informed national legislative changes in 2017 requiring all early childhood education and care providers to have documented policy and procedures for sleep, rest and relaxation. In 2016, Sally was named among Queensland’s Young Tall Poppy Scientists for her contribution to science translation and engagement.

Earliest digital memory
Breakfast cereal and cartoons in the morning, but only ever at Nan’s house, definitely never at home.