• Associate Professor Spooner-Lane
  • Associate Investigator
  • QUT

Associate Professor Rebecca Spooner-Lane is an Educational Psychologist and has taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the area of child and adolescent development, educational counselling and trauma-informed education. Her research focuses on the use of data profiles in shaping children’s learning and development in schools. As an Associate Investigator, Rebecca will explore how digital data influences the way teachers support students with diverse educational needs.

Rebecca will contribute to the Educated Child Project through the project: The digital profile of young children in Australian schools funded by the ARC Centre for Excellence for the Digital Child. Rebecca hopes that her work in the Centre will generate new understandings of how schools in diverse contexts may provide quality teaching and learning for all students.

Earliest digital memory

I remember learning how to operate a computer using the MS-DOS system. I remember waiting paitently for the computer to boot up and the DOS prompt would appear, waiting for me to command the computer to do what I wanted. When the command failed, it was very tedious searching for an error in the command. I was so relieved when MS Windows was introduced.