• Professor Bieke Zaman
  • Partner Investigator (International)
  • Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium

Bieke Zaman is professor in Communication Sciences / Human-Computer Interaction. She is research group leader of the Meaningful Interactions Lab (Mintlab), part of the Institute for Media Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences, KU Leuven, Belgium. Since 2021, she is also the director of the KU Leuven Interdisciplinary Digital Society Institute. Bieke studies the phenomenon of media convergence from various angles. She likes to cast a socio-technical perspective on mediated communication practices as they manifest themselves at the intersection of traditionally separate domains, such as video games – gambling – sports convergence or the way arts and media converge, and this in assemblages of people, connected/digital media and data. Working within the tradition of participatory design research, Bieke also researcheshow and why young people can be actors in design processes. The participatory agenda does not stop at data collection, it also extends to the way we disseminate our research findings. 

Bieke has been an investigator in the ARC Discovery Project examining the benefits and risks of connected toys for children. She is a member of several editorial boards, including associate editor of the International Journal of Child-Computer Interaction. Bieke has been active in numerous international conference committees related to children and technology, for instance as the chair of the European Communication Research and Education Association’s Section on Children, Youth and Media. Bieke’s work has resulted in more than 60 international peer-reviewed articles and book chapters. For an overview of her publications, please see: https://lirias.kuleuven.be/cv?u=U0046668.

Earliest digital memory
In my family, we used to go on summer holidays by car, and during these long trips, I often played Tetris with my brother and sister as a child.