• Professor Peta Wyeth
  • Associate Investigator
  • University of Technology, Sydney

Professor Peta Wyeth is at the forefront of research into emerging technology for games and other interactive experiences. She has wide-ranging experience in the application of human-computer interaction and interaction design techniques for the development of technology for education and entertainment. 

Peta’s research is translational – her research outputs are tangible products that have been used in a range of educational settings. In 2011, Peta led a project that examined the issue of accessibility for people with intellectual disabilities, leading to the development of Stomp, a floor-based system that allows users to interact with digital environments through simple gross motor actions. Since 2014, Peta has led projects that identify how game play can be a positive experience that have resulted in the development of games and other applications, as well as a framework to guide the design of positive gaming experiences for children. 

Earliest digital memory
Donkey Kong, of course! And then using word processing software to complete an assignment when I started university. Delete and backspace – ever so helpful. Cut and paste – what a revelation!