• Dr Nerida Spina
  • Associate Investigator
  • QUT

Dr Nerida Spina’s research expertise is in data cultures, and the effects of data on everyday lives, particularly its impact on educators’ work. Nerida is interested in how data shapes educational practices and children’s experiences of education, with a focus on equity and social justice. Nerida will contribute to the Connected Child program, examining how organisations are collecting, aggregating and analysing data, and how this impacts equity and young children’s experiences in different contexts. With a passion for equity and outreach, Nerida hopes to make a difference to the aspirations and opportunities of marginalised students, including those from low-SES areas.

In 2017, Nerida received an Australian Council for Educational Leaders (ACEL) Research in Educational Leadership and Management Award for her doctoral research. In 2020, Nerida was also awarded a QUT Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Leadership Excellence for her work on the Quality Teaching Performance Assessment (QTPA).

Earliest digital memory
Working in my family’s small business, I remember the transition from old-school typewriters to electric typewriters (with a backspace option!), and then computers.