• Naomi Fillmore
  • PhD student
  • University of Queensland

Naomi Fillmore’s PhD research looks at the role of language in early education policy and practice, using a mixed methods approach to examine complex questions in linguistically, culturally, and racially diverse early childhood and primary school settings. This research includes exploring how technology is supporting new ways of supporting and extending children’s language repertoires in educational settings. Naomi is also a Research Assistant at the Centre, supporting the work of the Indigenous Research Advisor and Working Group.

Before returning to academia, Naomi worked with a non-government organisation to develop technologies for revitalising and teaching Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages, co-designed with communities in central and northern Australia. This work received a number of international awards for technology for social impact, including the MIT Solve Award for Early Childhood Education. Naomi hopes that her research and practice contribute to systemic changes in early education and promotes culturally and linguistically sustaining learning experiences for all children.

Dr Marnee Shay

Earliest digital memory
Being very excited for my class’s weekly trip to the school computer lab to play typing games.