• Dr Madison Klarkowski
  • Research Fellow
  • QUT

Dr Madison Klarkowski moves within the human-computer interaction and games research spaces, primarily focusing on player/user experience evaluation, psychophysiology, performance in digital environments, and social interactions in digital gaming contexts. In these inquiries, she has deployed a wide variety of methods such as experiments (both controlled laboratory, and in-the-wild), surveys, interviews, focus groups, and observation. Following this, Madison has extensive expertise in the deployment of mixed-methods approaches for nuanced topics.

In her capacity as a research fellow, Madison will contribute to the Healthy and Connected Child programs through the exploration of a), how we can empower children to play an active role in research about their experiences of digital games, and b), the online social landscape children must navigate in the games they play.

Earliest digital memory

Feeding several A4 pages worth of command prompts into an ancient DOS machine to play Treasure Mountain. It felt like I was casting a spell to access another world! I’ve been captivated by games and technology ever since.