• Dr Madeleine Dobson
  • Associate Investigator
  • Curtin University

Associate Professor Madeleine Dobson is a teaching/research academic at Curtin University. She is an Associate Investigator for the Digital Child and is part of the team for the “Wonders of Nature, e-Science, and the Outdoors” project. Madeleine has undertaken research focusing on the image of the child and how children are conceptualised across contexts, including their representation by adults on Instagram. Through her work with the Digital Child, Madeleine contributes expertise relating to early childhood contexts and pedagogies, relationships and connections between educators and families, the importance of taking child-centric approaches, as well as expertise relating to digital media and technologies used in early childhood settings. Madeleine hopes that her work with the Centre will contribute to strengthening connections between Early Childhood educators and families, with a focus on honouring, supporting, and empowering children as they live and learn with digital technologies.

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Earliest digital memory
The first computer my family owned and the hours spent playing games (Solitaire was a favourite) and writing stories, which I think fed my love of creative writing!