• Dr Kylie J Stevenson
  • Associate Investigator
  • Murdoch University

Dr Kylie J Stevenson’s research focusses on families and technology, creativity, practice-led research methodology and documentation, and welfare dependency. Kylie is passionate about the transformative power of research, education and creativity. Kylie will contribute to the Connected Child program, conducting research that she hopes will give back to the community; for example, by informing parents and the community about the potential for their children’s positive, enriching and creative engagement with digital technology.

Kylie was the first ever recipient of the University of Cambridge/Cambridge Australia Trust award for Master of Philosophy study at the University of Cambridge (2008). She is widely published in the field, including co-editing The Routledge Companion to Digital Media and Children and authoring a chapter in the book on young children’s creativity in digital possibility spaces (2021). Kylie has been involved in number of projects on digital childhoods, including as Research Associate and Coordinator on the ARC Discovery project Toddlers and TabletsDigitods: Toddlers, touch screens and Australian family life.

Earliest digital memory
I am of the age that I can remember when digital calculators were first introduced to the classroom: all the maths teachers had conniptions and told us that we young school children would never excel in maths if we used digital calculators. (I was never going to excel in maths, so I welcomed digital calculators with little open arms.)