Katrin’s PhD project explores infant feeding applications (apps) as mobile technologies that mediate the construction, experience, and practise of contemporary parenthood in Australia. The study seeks to shed light on the ways in which contemporary parenthood and parenting are constructed and facilitated in infant feeding and parenting apps, and how parents negotiate the tensions between these constructions and their lived experience of parenthood, in the use of these technologies.

Katrin’s work aims to provide a more nuanced understanding of how parents from a diverse range of genders and family structures experience the mediation of early parenthood by mobile applications designed to support infant feeding and care. Her project highlights considerations of digital inclusion in technological design, to ultimately increase user agency and facilitate improvements in digital literacy. Katrin hopes to contribute to a more user-centred, ethical approach to technological design, based on digital inclusion and data protection principles. Placing these considerations at the centre of technological design has the potential to increase user agency, reduce potential harms and provide families with an enhanced sense of self-efficacy and connection – both online and offline.

Professor Michael Dezuanni

Earliest digital memory
Playing Solitaire and Minesweeper on my Dad’s computer (which still had a floppy disk drive!).