• Kate Lewis
  • PhD student
  • University of Wollongong

Kate Lewis is a PhD scholarship holder at the University of Wollongong whose work is linked to the ARC Discovery Project Quality in adult-child interactions during digital experiences. Her PhD work aims to understand how young children use digital technologies within the sociocultural context of their homes. Utilising digital ethnographic methods, Kate’s work will also explore in-depth the social interactions that occur during these digital experiences. Her goal is to provide a nuanced understanding of young children’s digitally mediated interactions, and inform efforts and guidance for parents in supporting safe and effective use of digital technologies at home. Kate’s hope is for families to be well-informed about the opportunities of digital technologies, and to feel empowered to utilise digital technologies in ways that are meaningful and supportive of healthy child development.

Professor Lisa Kervin

Earliest digital memory
In 1995, watching my Dad show my Grandpa how to do a Yahoo search, and his look of wonder and disbelief at the wealth of information available at his fingertips!