• Dr Karley Beckman
  • Associate Investigator
  • University of Wollongong

Dr Karley Beckman’s research explores children, young people, and adult learners’ technology practice through a sociological framing to critically engage with issues of digital inequality, digital literacy and toward developing a theoretically informed understanding of the place of technology in our lives. As an Associate Investigator within the Connect Child program, Karley’s research investigates the use of digital technologies by children, families, and schools, paying particular attention to children’s digital data that is generated through use.

Karley’s hope is that this program of research will make an immediate impact upon children, families, and schools to engage with digital technologies across different contexts in an increasingly informed, safe and ethical manner. Her vision is to advance research that endeavours to protect children’s digital rights and empowers children and young people in their digital technology practices in a rapidly changing world.

Earliest digital memory
Being in awe of the one and only computer in the school library and having no idea how to use it.