• Dr Jess Hardley
  • Research Fellow
  • Edith Cowan University

Jess (she/they) is a Research Fellow in the School of Education at ECU. They were awarded their PhD from the School of Media and Communication at RMIT University in 2022. Prior to their PhD, Jess completed an Erasmus Mundus Master’s Degree in Women’s and Gender Studies at Utrecht University and Central European University. Jess’ research has spanned across Digital Cultures, Gender Studies, Criminology and Education, and has published peer-reviewed research findings in journals such as Gender and Education, Australian Feminist Studies, M/C Journal, and Convergence.

Earliest digital memory

Growing up on a sheep farm on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, digital technologies were few and far between. However, my earliest digital memory is playing the computer game Digger in the 1980s – an experience confined to a floppy disc on my family’s communal second-hand IBM PC.