• Dr Jasneek Chawla
  • Associate Investigator
  • University of Queensland

Dr Jasneek Chawla is a clinician researcher with a strong interest in improving outcomes in children with neurodisability and in the use of technology around sleep for this population of children. Jasneek’s areas of research interest include sleep in children with disability, the relationship between sleep and long-term cognitive and behavioural outcomes in children and optimisation of the utilisation of continuous oximetry in infants with chronic neonatal lung disease. As an Associate Investigator, Jasneek hopes to understand more about the use of technology in children with neurodisability, specificially the pros and cons of use around bedtime.

Jasneek is a lead researcher for the Paediatric Sleep Medicine Research Group, an initiative of Children’s Health Queensland and the University of Queensland, and an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Queensland. Jasneek was awarded a Children’s Hospital Foundation Fellowship for the project ‘Tackling Sleep to Improve Outcomes in Children with Disability

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