• Jacquelyn Harverson
  • PhD student
  • Deakin University

Jacquelyn’s research thesis is focused on exploring broad factors of young children’s digital technology use alongside presenting associations with indicators of childhood psychosocial well-being. To achieve this aim, Jacquelyn’s research will consider children’s digital technology use and psychosocial well-being across both home and school settings. She also aims to establish a triangulated understanding of a day in the life of a digital child from child, parent, and teacher perspectives.

Jacquelyn aims to provide high quality evidence to support the integration of quality and contextual aspects of children’s digital technology use into evidence-based recommendations. Her vision is for parents and teachers to feel confident and equipped to support children integrating digital technology into childhood in a way that enables both positive experiences and outcomes for the growing generations.

First digital memory

Taking turns playing “Rock ‘N Bolts” with my older brother on our dad’s old commodore 64 computer – I thought it was the coolest game ever!