• Helen Adam
  • Associate Investigator
  • Edith Cowan University

Helen holds a PhD from Edith Cowan University in which she investigated the use of culturally diverse literature to support principles of diversity in early years education. The outcomes and impact of her work have been published in internationally renowned journals garnering extensive international print and digital media coverage including appearances on Channel 7’s Sunrise and national news bulletins in Australia and New Zealand. Helen has received funding from the Freilich Project for the Study of Bigotry to study award listed Australian picture books. As an Associate Investigator, Helen will investigate/consider the digital worlds children inhabit in relation to the messages they receive and give about their identity and sense of place and position in their world and wider society. She hopes to draw attention and consideration of those designing digital spaces to consider the need for cultural responsiveness and equitable engagement and opportunities for children of all backgrounds.

Earliest digital memory
My younger brother was given a computer for his 21st birthday in 1984. I remember thinking “What on earth would someone need one of those for?”!