• Dr Geoff Lowe
  • Curtin University

Dr Geoff Lowe is a former Senior Lecturer in music education with over 20 years’ experience in teaching and learning, and research. Geoff is the National President of the Australian and New Zealand Society for Music Education, and as such, has a special interest in young children and digital technologies in the arts. More recently, Geoff has been involved in the Positive Veteran Teacher project, looking at how older teachers survive and thrive. This project is ongoing, and has involved researchers from Australia, New Zealand and the US. Geoff also has an interest in pedagogy and has published a number of reference books on contemporary pedagogies in music education. As a Research Fellow in the Centre, Geoff will build researcher capacity through coaching and writing support and conceptual planning. As an experienced researcher, he hopes to help nurture and support the Centre’s young and emerging researchers to take their projects into new and exciting places over the next few years.

Earliest digital memory
Getting my first digital keyboard and being knocked out by the possibilities of sampling and sequencing – an instant orchestra at my fingertips.