• Fiona Boylan
  • Associate Investigator
  • Edith Cowan University

Fiona Boylan recently completed her PhD titled Mindsets matter: Early childhood teacher perceptions of mindset, with a design based research project which developed principles to support early childhood educators to nurture a growth mindset in students. Fiona will contribute to the Educated Child program, focusing on leveraging the digital interface used by children, families and communities to optimise learning and wellbeing for Australian children. She hopes that her work in the centre will improve children’s social and ethical protocols of digital technology use and understanding of digital footprints in collaboration with early childhood settings and community contexts.

Earliest digital memory
Receiving my first walkman and marvelling at being able to listen to my favourite music anywhere through a portable device. Music soothes my soul and I love being able to listen to music anywhere now using my wireless earbuds.