• Dr Eve Mayes
  • Associate Investigator
  • Deakin University

Dr Eve Mayes’s research focusses on children’s development of activist sensibilities in digital worlds and in intergenerational relations. Through her work with the Centre, Eve hopes to play a small role in shifting attitudes towards children and childhood beyond deficit discourses, towards recognition of children and young people’s capacities, agency and world-making practices.

Eve is currently working on the ARC DECRA project Striking Voices: Australian school-aged climate justice activism (2022-2025), and the project Young people’s learning in digital worlds: The alienation and re-imagining of education, a collaboration between Deakin University and Utrecht University, Netherlands.

Earliest digital memory
Playing Tetris on a Gameboy. I remember going to sleep at night fitting and rearranging the falling blocks in my mind’s eye. Perhaps this formed early patterns of insomnia!