• Dr Emma Cooke
  • Research Fellow (Alum)
  • University of Queensland

Dr Emma Cooke is a sociologist with expertise in the sociology of childhood and qualitative research, working in interdisciplinary teams. In her PhD thesis, Emma utilised a crystallization methodological framework to gain multifaceted insights into children’s relaxation and unrestful experiences in early childhood education and care. She has extensive experience interviewing children and adults across a range of contexts, and uses different qualitative analysis methodologies, including thematic analysis, discourse analysis, and creative analytical practices.

In the Centre, Emma will draw upon child-centric methodologies to research children’s views on digital experiences. She aims to include children’s voices in the debates about children’s digital experiences, and support children’s right to have a say on matters that affect them, as outlined in Article 12 in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Emma hopes that children can exercise their agency and creativity in their digital experiences, and that these experiences are safe and equitable.

Earliest digital memory
A tie between Barney the Dinosaur video tapes and the JumpStart Kindergarten CD-ROM computer game.