• Dr Nicole Hayes
  • Research Fellow
  • QUT

Dr Nicole Hayes’ research focusses on the role that children’s early life experiences and exposures play in shaping their future health and developmental outcomes. Nicole has experience in evidence-based clinical practice guideline development, quantitative research methodologies, including cohort studies and RCTs, as well as managing and analysing large-scale longitudinal datasets. She is an Adjunct Fellow in the Child Health Research Centre at the University of Queensland.

As a Research Fellow in the Healthy Child program and contributor to the Educated Child program, Nicole will examine interactions between digital technology and child health and development, and explore the different ways digital technology can be harnessed to support optimal child outcomes. Nicole hopes to contribute to an evidence-based understanding of the broad role that digital technology has in the lives of children, supporting informed policy and practice-based decisions.

Earliest digital memory
Excitement at having our first home computer, only to discover after hours of loading the discs, that it was not powerful enough to run our games.