• Dr Luci Pangrazio
  • Chief Investigator
  • Deakin University

Dr Luci Pangrazio is an expert in datafication, young people’s digital and data literacies, and digital cultures. Her role as Chief Investigator in the Connected Child program focusses on the datafication of young children’s technology use – what data are being collected, how it’s being used, and the implications. As children’s lives increasingly play out in digital spaces, Luci hopes that her work in the Centre will allow young children to make the most of technologies without sacrificing their privacy and freedom.

Luci’s passion and interest in data is reflected in her extensive research experience and publications. She is currently Chief Investigator on an ARC Discovery Project examining the use of digital data in schools and ways to improve its capture and use. As an Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Fellow, Luci is also working on a project to investigate new ways to understand digital data. Luci recently led a project with the Universidad de ORT (Uruguay) to design an app to develop children’s data literacies. In 2019, Luci’s book on young people’s literacies in the digital age was published by Routledge.

Earliest digital memory
Playing the Nintendo Game & Watch devices throughout the ‘80s. I still have one today called Lifeboat, which my 11-year-old son thinks is hilarious!