• Dr Kate Mannell
  • Research Fellow
  • Deakin University

Dr Kate Mannell is a media studies researcher whose work analyses the design, governance, and use of digital platforms, with particular focus on understanding the role of technologies in everyday life and the practices people use to regulate or resist their use. As a Research Fellow, Kate will contribute to the Connected Child program, examining how digital platforms are shaped by public and private interests, and how they are integrated into the lives of children and families. Through her work in the Centre, Kate hopes to contribute to more nuanced understandings of how to ensure that digital platforms play a positive role in childrens’ lives.

Earliest digital memory
My Grandpa had a very chunky, very beige DOS computer with one game – hangman – that my older brother and I would play. It was all we could use it for (and probably all Grandpa could use it for!) but it seemed like the most magical machine.