• Dr Jessica Laraine Williams
  • Research Fellow
  • Deakin University

Jessica Laraine Williams is a transdisciplinary researcher, visual artist, and writer. As a senior physiotherapist, she’s been working for over a decade in her health profession, including hospital, rehabilitation and management roles. She is now a specialist project consultant in digital health service implementation at a national operations level. She is completing her doctorate on figuring posthuman subjectivities through boundary work with art.

Through her research at the Centre, Jessica hopes to generate new understandings of current and future-focused digital trends in educational platforms. Her focus is on exploring the innovative opportunities of metaverse technological platforms towards data co-creation, research translation, public engagement and exhibition. As part of the Pandemic Parenting project, Jessica co-designed an immersive, 3D virtual exhibition on the Mozilla Hubs open-source metaverse platform. 

Earliest digital memory
As a lifelong gamer, a childhood hobby of ‘game-breaking’ has translated into my current research foci that push the boundaries and unmapped potentia of digital platforms.