• Dr Amanda Levido
  • Research Fellow
  • QUT

Dr Amanda Levido’s research focusses on what media literacy looks like in the early years, in both school and care settings, particularly as children engage creatively with new media digital technologies. Amanda will consider what critical understandings of the media children develop as they participate in these experiences. She hopes that her work will position creative production through digital technologies as an integral component of media literacy in the early years, and that all children have the opportunities to engage with digital technologies in creative critical ways.

Amanda’s previous experience includes consulting on the Media Arts strand of the Australian Curriculum: The Arts. In 2021, she completed her PhD which examined how the Media Arts curriculum was implemented in primary school settings. Amanda also contributed to the implementation of digital play-based programs in early childhood settings.

Earliest digital memory
Jostling over the controllers to play Mario Bros on the NES at a neighbour’s house – and then barely feeling like you got a turn before the dreaded GAME OVER.