• Dinusha Bandara
  • PhD student
  • Deakin University

Dinusha Bandara’s PhD project seeks to provide a better understanding of digital childhoods and datafication of migrant families. Employing a mixed methods approach, she amplifies the voices of these families, shedding light on their everyday use of digital technologies and data practices. She will also explore how they understand and experience datafication across everyday settings. Dinusha hopes that diverse digital childhoods, in all their nuances and complexities, will enrich the present understanding of how children are datafied in everyday settings.

Dinusha has a multidisciplinary background with expertise in statistics, data management and data linkage. In her previous wide-ranging leadership and technical roles, she has directed large-scale data linkage/integration operations, managed teams responsible for national longitudinal study data life cycles, advised government’s data networks and provided statistical consulting.

Earliest digital memory
Playing PAC-MAN on a desktop computer at the university where my mum was pursuing her PhD. I was 7 years old.