• Associate Professor Courtenay Harris
  • Associate Investigator
  • Curtin University

Associate Professor Courtenay Harris is a researcher in occupational therapy, with a focus on child-related ergonomics. Courtenay will contribute to projects in the Healthy Child program, investigating family and community perceptions about digital technology use by young children and the impact of technology use on their development. Courtenay hopes that her work will ensure young children’s participation in digital technology is productive, safe and healthy; and educates family and community stakeholders on safe and productive ways for children to use digital technology.

In 2020, Courtenay co-led a study on the relationships between sleep, physical activity, sedentary behaviours, academic performance and school children’s digital technology use. Courtenay was also involved in a study on the impact of screen and surface devices on pre-school children’s fine motor skill development and occupational performance in daily tasks. Courtenay is currently Deputy Head of the School of Allied Health, Faculty of Health Sciences, Curtin University.

Earliest digital memory
Aside from television, I remember using a Motorola mobile phone for work that was the size of a large shoe box and weighed 2kgs. The only function it had was to make calls to other landlines. How mobile phones have changed over the last two decades!