• Associate Professor Alexis Lauricella
  • Partner Investigator (International)
  • Erikson Institute – Technology in Early Childhood Center, United States

Alexis Lauricella is an Associate Professor at Erikson Institute and Director of Erikson’s Technology in Early Childhood (TEC) Center. Her research focuses on children’s learning from media technology, and parents’ and teachers’ attitudes toward and use of media technology with young children. At the TEC Center, Alexis’ research studies young children’s learning from technology by examining the impact of STEM media content on children’s direct learning from technology. Alexis will contribute her expertise to the Centre through collaboration on international surveys of teachers and parents technology use with young children and experimental work to understand how children learn from technology.

Alexis is the former Associate Director of Northwestern University’s Center on Media and Human Development. She has an impressive list of publications including empirical research articles in Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, Journal of Children and Media, Media Psychology, Journal of Early Adolescence, Journal of Infant Behavior and Development, New Media and Society, Computers and Education, and Public Health.

Earliest digital memory
My Dad laying in front of the TV so that he could change channels easily and not have to get up, before we had a remote control for the television.