• Anna Loeffler
  • PhD student
  • University of Queensland

Anna Loeffler’s research focusses on early childhood sleep and associated social-emotional outcomes. Her PhD project aims to develop an integrated, theoretical model of sleep consolidation transitioning as well as an index of sleep consolidation in hope of providing a better understanding of normative transitioning patterns. This index will be a great tool for both parents and clinicians to inform decision making of possible problematic sleep consolidation transitioning or potential underlying disorders.

In 2017, Anna graduated from Webster University, Leiden, NL with a BSc in Psychology and a minor in Management, following which she completed an MSc in Health Psychology at University College London (UCL) in 2019. To investigate her main research interest, the mind-body connection, Anna wrote her Master’s thesis on the bi-directional relationship between loneliness and physical pain. During her studies at UCL, Anna was also involved in research concerning infant feeding practices in British-Bangladeshi families at the Institute of Child Health (UCL), which sparked her interest in child development. Following her MSc, Anna acquired a temporary position at Janssen (Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson), working in the Neuroscience department on the late development of Seltorexant, a selective orexin 2 receptor antagonist for the treatment of insomnia and major depressive disorder.