• Professor Amanda Devine
  • Associate Investigator
  • Edith Cowan University

Professor Amanda Devine is the Associate Dean of Public Health & OHS at Edith Cowan University, and a lead in ECU’s strategic Nutrition & Health Innovation Research Institute. Amanda’s research has focused on high quality randomised controlled trials to better understand how diets affects human health – specifically bone, vascular and gut health. Her current nutrition research areas include supporting food literacy in adults and children, food provision in early years education and cares settings, food security, and improving local food environments to achieve better health outcomes for all.

An Associate Investigator working in the Healthy and Educated programs, Amanda will support children’s digital agency with a self-administered health literacy tool. The project uses a co-design technique to develop a health literacy tool with educators and children, and to evaluate a prototype of the tool for further use in early childhood education and care settings with children and educators. Children’s health literacy plays a vital role in their continued wellbeing, development and learning. Building child health literacy skills early and in early years setting is a great place to start. The project aims to measure and enhance health literacy through this innovative program.

Earliest digital memory
Using a calculator in high school allowed me to do more complex maths and science subjects that lead me to become the researcher I am today.