8 November 2023

Centre School for Early Career Researchers

Join us in Brisbane for an engaging two-day workshop geared towards supporting our current cohort of emerging scholars within the Centre. The purpose of the workshop is foster community and nurture collaborative practices between three CoE, that is, the ARC Centre of Excellence for Children and Families over the Life Course (LCC), ARC Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child (DC), & the ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making & Society (ADM+S). This workshop focuses on networking and developing the skills to build effective research collaborations going forward.

The following is an indicative outline of the workshop.  

Dates: 8–9 November 2023  Location: Customs House, Brisbane 

Each Centre of Excellence can have up to a maximum of 20 ECR participants, with funding provided for travel and accommodation for inter-state attendees. We invite applications from Early Career Researcher Members of the Digital Child to attend the Centre School for ECRs.

Outcomes of this application will be released in late August by direct email.


Day 1 

Introducing the three CoEs 

In this session, hear from leaders within each of the three Centres to learn about their aims, approaches, strengths and challenges to begin understanding where our research overlap exists. 

Getting to know each other 

This session will begin the process of starting to build relationships across Centres and disciplines. Through a series of fun, low stakes & interactive activities, participants will get to know one another and the research they do.  

What’s the different between multi- trans- inter- disciplinary work – and why does it matter?  

In this session, you will first gain an understanding of the differences between multi-, trans-, and inter- disciplinary work and why it matters in collaborative research. Specifically, this session will highlight how to spot the “methodological edge”, that is, the novelty or contribution that can emerge from multi-, trans-, and inter- disciplinary work. 

How to develop successful collaborations 

This session will be led by experienced researchers within the three COEs to highlight the opportunities and challenges in brokering relationships with collaborators from diverse research backgrounds. 

Pitching your research  

This hands-on session will focus on the art of pitching you research. Participants will be provided practical tools to refine the skills of communicating your research concisely—a skill that can be immediately practiced at the evening networking event.  

Day 2 

What are our grand challenges? 

Building on the first session yesterday, this brainstorming session will map the key issues that each CoE addressing for the purposes of identifying research synergies.  

Speculative research projects 

In this session, participants will work in teams with members from each CoE to generate a speculative (ie., a playful, non-committed) research proposal that addresses one of the grand challenges identified in the previous session. The purpose of this exercise is to explore the process of collaborative in a fun and informal way.  


Teams will have the opportunity to share their speculative research proposals.  

Where to from here? Next steps 

Outline next steps to support this cohort of ECRs and any future collaborations.